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Field x Facet

Many people who start to work with Apache Solr or Watson Explorer have the first primary doubt about What is the difference from Field against Facet.

We can simple define that the field represent the indexed data, and the facet its such a GROUP, combined usually by volume. As described at Solr documentation “faceting is the arrangement of search results into categories based on indexed terms”.

Its possible to configure FACETS with many options like sort, searchable, etc. Each product have its possibilities.

Think that when you perform a query, you will use FACETs in the “Where”, something like this:

Select FIELDS from COLLECTION where FACET MY_FACET = ‘dummy’;

This will make you understand better!


Enabling Wildcard in a collection at Watson Explorer

Eventually we need to enable search using wildcards like * for a collection at Watson Explorer. For sure this can make our queries consume more CPU and Memory, you can think comparing a query that perform a “select … where field = ‘XXX'” against a query that perform a “select …. where field like ‘*XXX'” (pseudo code). What will be faster? So, think carefully before enable this!

To enable, go to your collection configuration -> Indexing -> Term expansion support (4)  , and check Generate Dictionaries.


For more information, check here and here.



Conhecendo o Watson Analytics

Featured imageO Watson Analytics é uma ferramenta que nos permite efetuar análises de grandes massas de dados (big data). Em linhas gerais: você define as fontes de dados, o mesmo efetua uma varredura e análise contextual, e prepara seus dados para serem estudados. Importante citar que você pode ter N fontes de dados, dos mais distintos (planilhas, bancos, urls, etc).

Qualquer pessoa pode brincar com a ferramenta, que está disponível em

Eu criei um vídeo bem simples, em português, mostrando como subir uma planilha e efetuar um simples estudo. O mesmo pode ser visto logo abaixo. O Watson tem uma vasta documentação e inúmeros vídeos na Internet. Vale a pena ver.